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Why EaziAds

Your small business needs to get out there to grow! Think of us as your biggest cheerleader and personal marketing assistant – making it easier for your customers to find and support your business!

Use the same technology as big brands to scale and grow. This is your chance to step on the gas, shamelessly promote yourself, and claim a chunk of sales with time and money to spare.

3 Unique Features

Get Your Ads Out Quickly

You don’t need to be a digital marketing guru to to create and publish your ads. Save 100’s of hours per year and get guaranteed performance. 

No Extra Fees

With pre set budgets and automatic updates, our AI enabled feature becomes your digital marketing assistant at no extra expense.

Improved Targeting

We help small businesses like yours to show up in the right places, to the right customers,  allowing for more quality leads and conversions. 


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Digital Marketing Amplified

Welcome to Digital Advertising, where we turbocharge your online marketing game. Dive into the dynamic world of Google, Bing, Meta and Vodacom’s Network – mastering the art of digital domination and connecting with your audience like never before.

Vodacom's high-impact text messaging

SMS Advertising is your direct path to customers’ screens. Power up your outreach, captivate an engaged audience, and grow your awareness and sales with Vodacom’s high-impact text message marketing campaigns.

Boost Social Awareness

Boost awareness of your brand, reach potential customers where they are most engaged and active.

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Eazi Does It

Use a tool that’s made for you and designed to help you succeed. The eazier it is to create your ads, the more you can focus on your work and processing new orders. You don’t need to be an expert or a pro at digital advertising – we’ve got you covered!

Learn how to market your business with a high-performance intelligent tool.

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